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February 2017 Archives

Wills essential for non-parents, too

According to a recent survey, most Americans do not have estate plans. Some of these individuals include people with no children, who may think that creating wills and other estate planning documents is unnecessary for non-parents in Bronx, New York. However, estate planning is a critical process whether or not children are in the picture.

Estate plans, incuding wills, important for new parents

Creating an estate plan is essential for both younger and older adults, but it is especially critical for new parents. Unfortunately, creating estate planning documents such as wills are often not given a high priority due to insecurity about how to go about the process. A few tips may help new parents, in particular, to embark on this important aspect of life planning in the state of New York.

Wills important part of planning for the future

It is natural to not want to think about getting older. However, failing to plan for what may happen long term can have a negative impact on oneself and one's family. Developing wills and other essential estate planning documents is an important part of life planning in Bronx, New York.

Creating wills involves multiple steps

Discussing matters related to death is generally not a favorite activity. Nevertheless, death is unavoidable, and failure to create wills and other estate planning documents beforehand may mean that one's assets will not end up in the intended hands. The estate planning process in New York involves several important steps.