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Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

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July 2017 Archives

What you need to know before signing a new construction contract

Buying a home or signing a contract for a new construction home is an exciting time for your New York family, but it is crucial to know how to protect your rights during this process. Forging ahead without knowing how to protect yourself is not prudent; therefore, you should avoid complications and issues by taking certain precautionary measures.

Commercial real estate potential appears strong in New York

Some commercial real estate experts recently expressed concern about the real estate market, specifically the leasing market in New York. They stated they were not feeling settled about the future absorption of space in Manhattan, for example, in spite of the currently strong commercial real estate market. However, data appear to indicate that the market is better off than what many real estate experts expected it to be.

Wills are important for everyone to have

For many asset owners in New York and elsewhere, estate planning seems to be something that only the wealthy need to complete. It is true that most individuals do not leave multi-million-dollar sums of money to their loved ones when they pass away. Still, creating wills is essential for everyone.

Commercial real estate strip purchased for more than $6 million

A New York investor recently purchased a commercial property for more than $6 million. This Dongan Hills property was among the most expensive ones in the borough Staten Island, considering its size. However, the prices of many commercial real estate properties in the borough have skyrocketed, which may be a positive sign for investors in the Bronx and other parts of New York who are looking for promising investment opportunities.

Wills and beneficiary designations important in estate planning

The estate tax exemption at the federal level today is more than five million dollars. Thus, the tendency in New York and other estates is to think that estate planning is not a concern for those who are not wealthy. The truth is that creating wills and updating beneficiary designations is important for everyone no matter what his or her net worth or income may be.