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Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

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August 2017 Archives

Wills especially important for women

In general, men usually pass away sooner than women do. Since women live longer and might not have made as much money over the course of their lifetimes, they have unique needs when it comes to creating wills and other estate planning documents. A few tips may help women as well as men to protect their best interests through estate planning in New York.

What should you disclose when selling your house?

When involved in any type of residential real estate transaction, it is critical to know how to protect your rights and interests from start to finish. As the seller, there are ways that you can shield yourself from problems and avoid issues that could delay closing or cause a buyer to walk away from the deal.

Big commercial real estate projects coming to New York City

Several real estate projects were recently proposed in New York, ranging from residential buildings to commercial retail spaces. One of the commercial real estate projects is a new Essex Crossing building to be built in Manhattan. Another planned project is an apartment building that will be erected in Coney Island.

Wills, other documents important parts of estate plan

Upon hearing the term estate planning, many residents of New York may automatically think about putting together a will. However, wills generally do not have much to do with those creating them; they are really about planning for other people, such as fellow loved ones. Estate planning is really also about taking care of the person creating the plan, while he or she is still alive.

Creating wills especially important following divorce

Creating an estate plan is often low on the priority list for many today. However, creating wills and other estate planning documents is essential, especially for those who are divorced. A few tips may help with putting together effective comprehensive estate plans in New York.

Wills important for non-married couples, too

Many Americans, including those in New York, are deciding to cohabitate rather than getting married. Reasons for cohabitation include the need to share expenses or the lack of desire to get married -- or remarried. However, just as married couples benefit from putting together estate plans, cohabitating couples can also benefit from developing wills.