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Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

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March 2018 Archives

Residential real estate market highly competitive

The home buying season this spring may be among the most competitive ones during the past several years. However, buyers in New York and elsewhere remain optimistic that they can still claim their dream homes. This information comes from a recently conducted residential real estate market survey.

Is spring the best time to buy a home in New York City?

If you are considering buying a home in New York City, you know you could be facing a potentially lengthy and complex process. It is not easy to find a home in any part of the New York metro area, but there are times of the year when it could be more difficult than others. 

More commercial real estate being used as flexible workspaces

Only about a quarter of office space throughout the United States, including New York, is used for flexible workspace options, such as co-working. However, research shows that more than a quarter of brand-new commercial real estate leases signed during the past couple of years were associated with this growing business area. This has left many real estate brokers questioning why more investors are not taking advantage of this in-demand area.

Wills, powers of attorney and health care proxies important

People in New York and elsewhere generally prefer to focus on the good and shy away from thinking about the bad things that could happen to them. For this reason, creating wills is often not given much priority. However, creating a will is essential for protecting one's assets down the road. A couple of other estate planning documents are also helpful for addressing medical situations in the future.

Selling residential real estate can be complicated

Selling a house in New York may not seem complicated, but the reality is that many factors need to be considered. After all, a large sum of money is on the line. A few tips may help homeowners to avoid bungling the sale of residential real estate.

Wills are not enough when it comes to estate planning

Creating an estate plan is oftentimes not high on people's priority lists in New York and elsewhere. However, these plans are essential for helping them to protect their assets long term. When it comes to creating estate plans, writing wills is not enough; other documents also needed to be included in these plans for them to be truly effective.