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Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

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June 2018 Archives

Blockchain technology will likely impact commercial real estate

The fluctuations that have taken place in cryptocurrency have understandably made some investors and real estate professionals nervous. However, many real estate brokers in New York and elsewhere have reason to think that cryptocurrencies will drastically change the commercial real estate market. In fact, the changes could come as soon as five to 10 years from now.

Commercial real estate deal allows NYU to expand downtown space

New York University recently completed a commercial property deal for extra space at a popular Downtown Brooklyn center. The commercial real estate transaction involves a space that spans 26,000 square feet. As a result of the deal, the university will end up occupying the majority of the building's 22nd floor.

What happens when there is a dispute over a property boundary?

When there is a dispute over the boundary lines of a specific piece of property, it can lead to serious problems and complications. If you are a New York property owner dealing with a dispute over where your property ends and your neighbor's property begins, you understand the importance of finding a reasonable solution as soon as possible. 

Residential real estate owners focusing on bath remodels in 2018

Now is an excellent time to sell a home considering that school is out. After all, families with young children do not have to worry about their children's schooling being disrupted. In preparation to sell their homes, some residential real estate owners in New York decide to complete remodeling jobs, with bathrooms being among the hottest projects in 2018.

Digital assets important to address in wills, trusts

When asset owners in New York think about their valuables, they often focus on tangible items, such as paintings and cash. However, digital assets are also important assets to take into consideration during the estate planning process, which may include creating wills and trusts. A few tips may help with organizing digital assets, such as a social media account.