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Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

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August 2018 Archives

Wills determine where people's assets go after they have died

Creating an estate plan may understandably not be high on a person's to-do list in New York. After all, people naturally prefer not to talk about the possibility of death. Nonetheless, putting together wills is absolutely critical for ensuring that one's property remains protected down the road. Here is a glimpse at the problems that the lack of a will can cause.

Is an easement affecting the way you can use your property?

It can come as a surprise for many New York property owners to learn that an easement could affect the use of their property. Whether you already own the property or you are considering purchasing property with an easement, it is helpful to learn what this means and what you can do about it. You have the right to take steps to protect your property interests.

Commercial real estate affected by multiple factors

The property industry across the country, including in New York, is going through constant change as a result of various factors. Some of the changes taking place are presenting challenges to today's commercial real estate investors, whereas others are presenting opportunities. Here is a peek at what some of these changes are and how they might affect investors in the Empire State.

Drafting wills can help with protecting assets long term

Discussing the possibility of death typically is not something people feel comfortable doing in New York and elsewhere. However, death is unavoidable, so it only makes sense to prepare for it by engaging in estate planning, which includes drafting wills. Here is a look at what creating wills involves.