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Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

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January 2019 Archives

Commercial real estate offers a number of benefits

Nonresidential property investment has long been considered a great idea in New York and other parts of the United States. The question is whether investors should still view commercial real estate as a viable option in 2019. According to industry experts, they should for a number of reasons.

AI may enhance commercial real estate transactions

Artificial intelligence, commonly called AI, is impacting several sectors in New York and other states. For this reason, it may not come as a surprise that it will likely affect the world of commercial real estate as well. Based on real estate experts, AI may end up being helpful for investors and other market players by making the industry more profitable and service oriented.

Myths about selling residential real estate can be costly

With spring around the corner, some homeowners may be thinking about selling their homes soon. However, they may receive some well-intended yet bad advice about techniques for selling residential real estate. Here are a couple of common misconceptions about selling houses in New York and elsewhere.

Alternatives for homeowners facing threat of foreclosure

Facing the threat of foreclosure can be overwhelming for a New York property owner. It is discouraging to think about the possibility of losing your home, but there are various options available to you. In fact, an experienced attorney can help you see ways that you can keep your home and eventually secure a better financial future. 

Creating wills, other estate plan docs is a smart move in 2019

Some people in New York may be embracing the start of 2019 with New Year's resolutions. These individuals may want to include creating wills and other estate planning documents as part of their resolutions this year. Here is a look at why this is critical in the Big Apple.

Wills and other estate plan documents have overlapping purposes

When it comes to planning for the future, estate planning is just as critical of a process as retirement planning is. However, although drafting wills is certainly an important part of the estate planning process, it involves so much more. Other essential documents make up a well-thought-out estate plan as well, and they ideally should be integrated to ascertain that they all work together in New York.