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Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

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March 2019 Archives

Common pitfalls for New York homebuyers

If you are getting ready to buy a home for the first time, you may feel excited and slightly overwhelmed by what's ahead. It is not always easy to find real estate in New York that works for practical purposes and your budget. As you look forward to what is ahead for you and your family, it is smart to learn about common mistakes many new homebuyers make and how you can avoid them.

Commercial real estate investors can protect their portfolios

During the past year, some experts have discussed the possibility of a downturn in the non-residential property market. In this situation, certain types of properties may subside due to being grossly overheated. However, commercial real estate investors in New York can take a few steps ahead of a potential downturn to protect their financial best interests.

Commercial real estate investors can overcome uncertainty

During the past few months, many movements are directly impacting the economy as well as property investments throughout the United States, including New York. These events include the recent shutdown of the government, trade wars and increasing interest rates. On top of this, technology is advancing quickly. In light of the uncertainty that exists in the current market, here are a couple of ways that commercial real estate investors can stay ahead financially.