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Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

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September 2019 Archives

Storing wills properly is a critical part of estate planning

People in New York generally understand the importance of keeping their essential documents secure -- for example, safeguarding their passports and birth certificates. In the same way, keeping wills and other estate planning documents safe is critical. Here are some storage tips for estate planning documents.

Avoiding missteps when buying a home for the first time

Are you ready to buy your first home in New York? This is an exciting point for any adult, and you may be dreaming about weekends in your backyard, ideal paint colors for your kitchen, and watching your child take his or her first steps across the living room. Before you get too far ahead of yourself, however, you will want to take the time to learn how to protect your interests in this process.

Commercial real estate offers numerous benefits to investors

When people consider purchasing real estate, they may immediately think about buying residential properties. However, owning commercial real estate properties is also a smart move in New York and elsewhere. Here is a look at a few major benefits of commercial real estate ownership.

Residential real estate prices slated to rise by next summer

Housing prices in New York and elsewhere this summer have been relatively robust, which has made some question whether there is any more room for prices to climb. According to new research, there is. In fact, experts anticipate the pricing of residential real estate to climb more in the coming months.