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Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

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Myths about selling residential real estate can be costly

With spring around the corner, some homeowners may be thinking about selling their homes soon. However, they may receive some well-intended yet bad advice about techniques for selling residential real estate. Here are a couple of common misconceptions about selling houses in New York and elsewhere.

Residential real estate inventory levels at historic lows

The quantity of properties that are available for sale in the United States, including in New York, has reached historic lows. This is a major reason that many buyers may be struggling to find affordable homes. On the flip side, this may be great news for residential real estate sellers, who may be able to unload their properties at higher prices than they could have in years past.

Add-on residences are a current residential real estate trend

Purchasing a home in New York can certainly be intimidating from a financial standpoint. However, many homeowners have found a way to ease the burden of paying off a hefty mortgage: buy two homes instead of one. This may sound counterintuitive, but it is possible for those who take advantage of add-on residential real estate residences, also known as ADUs.

Residential real estate owners focusing on bath remodels in 2018

Now is an excellent time to sell a home considering that school is out. After all, families with young children do not have to worry about their children's schooling being disrupted. In preparation to sell their homes, some residential real estate owners in New York decide to complete remodeling jobs, with bathrooms being among the hottest projects in 2018.

New residential real estate property prices dropping

During the past several years, home purchasers in New York and elsewhere heard over and over again that home prices were going up. However, the cost of purchasing a newly built residential real estate property has dropped to its lowest level during the past year. This is excellent news for those interested in buying brand-new homes.

Certain hiccups can slow down residential real estate deal

After homesellers and buyers have negotiated a sales price, they can settle on a closing date. At this point, it may seem that they are in the clear. The reality is that a number of hiccups can derail even the smoothest residential real estate deal in New York.

Residential real estate market highly competitive

The home buying season this spring may be among the most competitive ones during the past several years. However, buyers in New York and elsewhere remain optimistic that they can still claim their dream homes. This information comes from a recently conducted residential real estate market survey.

Selling residential real estate can be complicated

Selling a house in New York may not seem complicated, but the reality is that many factors need to be considered. After all, a large sum of money is on the line. A few tips may help homeowners to avoid bungling the sale of residential real estate.

Maintaining residential real estate critical while selling it

Homeowners who are interested in selling their homes in New York may naturally assume they no longer have to worry about home maintenance once their homes are on the market. The truth is that completing maintenance tasks is just as important during the home-selling process as it is when one is living in the home. A few tips may help with maintaining residential real estate effectively when one's house is for sale.