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Wills can be drafted in manners that will prevent family conflict

Individuals in New York oftentimes understand how important it is to plan ahead financially for a rainy day. However, what happens if they were to pass away suddenly? Many people have no idea how to answer this question, as they have not engaged in estate planning. Here is a look at why creating wills and trusts, for example, is so important and how to prevent family discord through a well-thought-out estate plan.

Creating wills -- critical for adults of all ages

Putting together an estate plan might not seem like an essential task for young adults in New York. The reality, though, is that creating wills is critical for individuals both young and old. After all, tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Individuals who pass away before putting together estate plans may cause problems for their surviving family members.

Wills play critical role in protecting assets long term

Thinking about death turns many individuals off from engaging in estate planning. However, creating wills and other estate planning documents is critical for ensuring that one's assets are protected long term. Here is a glimpse at what the process of creating a will involves in New York.

Research shows that most people have not created wills

People in New York generally do not feel comfortable talking about death. For this reason, many people -- both old and young -- still have not created wills. However, producing wills and other estate planning documents is critical for ensuring that one's assets will end up with those whom the benefactor intends.

Wills determine where people's assets go after they have died

Creating an estate plan may understandably not be high on a person's to-do list in New York. After all, people naturally prefer not to talk about the possibility of death. Nonetheless, putting together wills is absolutely critical for ensuring that one's property remains protected down the road. Here is a glimpse at the problems that the lack of a will can cause.

Drafting wills can help with protecting assets long term

Discussing the possibility of death typically is not something people feel comfortable doing in New York and elsewhere. However, death is unavoidable, so it only makes sense to prepare for it by engaging in estate planning, which includes drafting wills. Here is a look at what creating wills involves.

Common hurdles to creating wills and how to overcome them

Estate planning is oftentimes a neglected task in today's busy society. However, anyone in New York and elsewhere who owns assets can benefit from putting together wills or trusts. Here are a couple of hurdles that keep people from creating estate plans and how to overcome them.

Digital assets important to address in wills, trusts

When asset owners in New York think about their valuables, they often focus on tangible items, such as paintings and cash. However, digital assets are also important assets to take into consideration during the estate planning process, which may include creating wills and trusts. A few tips may help with organizing digital assets, such as a social media account.