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Successful real estate transactions begin with knowledgeable parties and carefully considered strategies. Thriving businesses are the result of well-laid plans and strict adherence to myriad laws and requirements.

Behind these successes is the trusted counsel of an experienced attorney. The Law Office of Phil Napolitano represents business owners, individuals and lending institutions in the Bronx and throughout the New York City boroughs. We have more than 15 years of experience in private practice.

We assist clients with all matters related to residential and commercial real estate, including leasing, dispute resolution, landlord-tenant issues, foreclosures, short sales and more. We help form new business startups, address ongoing business concerns and assist lending companies with loan and mortgage closings in New York. We help clients plan for the future by preparing wills and trusts. We guide those chosen as estate administrators through the probate and administration process. We look out for the rights and interests of injured clients as they seek compensation for their losses.

In every area we practice, every client we serve, every case we handle, we are thorough and diligent. We strive to be experts in our practice areas. With our services, clients avoid problems and pitfalls which are often missed by less experienced attorneys. We use our knowledge to help clients resolve their problems and reach their goals.

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