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Drafting wills can help with protecting assets long term

Discussing the possibility of death typically is not something people feel comfortable doing in New York and elsewhere. However, death is unavoidable, so it only makes sense to prepare for it by engaging in estate planning, which includes drafting wills. Here is a look at what creating wills involves.

Common hurdles to creating wills and how to overcome them

Estate planning is oftentimes a neglected task in today's busy society. However, anyone in New York and elsewhere who owns assets can benefit from putting together wills or trusts. Here are a couple of hurdles that keep people from creating estate plans and how to overcome them.

Digital assets important to address in wills, trusts

When asset owners in New York think about their valuables, they often focus on tangible items, such as paintings and cash. However, digital assets are also important assets to take into consideration during the estate planning process, which may include creating wills and trusts. A few tips may help with organizing digital assets, such as a social media account.

Creating wills is essential for those with valuable collectibles

Developing estate plans in New York is oftentimes not high on people's priority lists. However, creating wills is extremely important for protecting one's assets. This is especially true for those who have valuable collectibles and art they wish to protect.

Cryptocurrencies need to be added to wills, too

Planning for the future in New York and elsewhere can understandably be quite complex. This is especially true for those with financial assets and other assets they wish to pass down to loved ones in the future. However, making things even more complicated when it comes to putting together wills is the growing demand for cryptocurrency.

Creating wills essential for safeguarding assets

A common misconception when it comes to estate planning is that this process is necessary only for the rich. The reality is that estate planning, including the creation of wills, is important for anybody who owns assets, no matter how many or few. Here is a glimpse of what the creation of a will involves in New York.

Wills particularly important for those with beloved pets

Although people in New York generally hate to imagine dying, they are at least preparing for the inevitable by engaging in estate planning. As they put together wills and other essential estate planning documents, it is critical that they also take into consideration their pet's needs if they have a furry friend. Here are a few estate planning tips for those with beloved pets.

Without wills, estates must go through probate process

In today's busy society, developing estate plans is oftentimes the last thing on people's lists of priorities in New York. However, creating wills and other estate planning documents is an important part of planning for the future. Having an estate plan in place will no doubt make life easier on an individual's loved ones after he or she passes away.

Wills, powers of attorney and health care proxies important

People in New York and elsewhere generally prefer to focus on the good and shy away from thinking about the bad things that could happen to them. For this reason, creating wills is often not given much priority. However, creating a will is essential for protecting one's assets down the road. A couple of other estate planning documents are also helpful for addressing medical situations in the future.