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Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

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Commercial real estate investors tapping into crowdfunding

The sector of non-residential properties remains among the most lucrative and largest asset classes in the United States. In fact, the market for commercial real estate in New York and elsewhere is valued at around $6 trillion. However, just a small group of people were able to access these properties in the past. Nowadays, more people can take advantage of them thanks to crowdfunding.

Alternative lending may help commercial real estate investors

Some banking institutions in New York are not quick to lend money to investors, as they lack confidence in the economy. Alternative lenders are therefore rising up to offer capital to investors who are interested in buying commercial real estate. Up to now, record quantities of capital have been raised for this purpose.

Multiple methods exist for valuing commercial real estate

Researchers recently reported that non-residential properties are worth 10 trillion dollars today. In other words, the commercial real estate market is booming, so now appears to be an excellent time for investors in New York to enter it. Because valuing properties accurately is an essential part of real estate investing, here is a look at a couple of approaches that investors can use to determine a property's value.

Listing service may lack information about commercial real estate

Technology today is changing how both tenants and buyers in New York explore the world of non-residential properties. Specifically, listing services online showcases the commercial real estate properties that are available in various markets, and as a result, investors can access a wealth of information about various properties in an instant. However, quite a bit of information may not be available that could alter a property's value proposition considerably.

Recession fears in commercial real estate world may be unfounded

Financial headlines these days indicate that experts in New York and elsewhere are worried about a coming recession. Unfortunately, a declining commercial real estate market often accompanies a recession. However, current concerns about a looming recession and a coming downturn in the commercial real estate market may be unfounded for a couple of reasons.

Commercial real estate investors can protect their portfolios

During the past year, some experts have discussed the possibility of a downturn in the non-residential property market. In this situation, certain types of properties may subside due to being grossly overheated. However, commercial real estate investors in New York can take a few steps ahead of a potential downturn to protect their financial best interests.

Commercial real estate investors can overcome uncertainty

During the past few months, many movements are directly impacting the economy as well as property investments throughout the United States, including New York. These events include the recent shutdown of the government, trade wars and increasing interest rates. On top of this, technology is advancing quickly. In light of the uncertainty that exists in the current market, here are a couple of ways that commercial real estate investors can stay ahead financially.

Commercial real estate deals attract various kinds of buyers

When property owners in New York consider selling non-residential properties, they have a few chief goals. They want to generate the most profit possible, they want their deals to happen quickly, and finally, they do not want the transactions to come with many conditions. However, the commercial real estate sales process is not straightforward, as multiple types of buyers with different pricing expectations exist. Two of these buyers are developers and investors.

Commercial real estate drawing attention of life science field

The life science world is expanding like never before across the United States, including in New York. Biotech is especially growing as drug companies join startups as well as incubator labs to facilitate new research. A particular sector of the economy that is benefiting from the current popularity of the life science industry is commercial real estate.

Commercial real estate offers a number of benefits

Nonresidential property investment has long been considered a great idea in New York and other parts of the United States. The question is whether investors should still view commercial real estate as a viable option in 2019. According to industry experts, they should for a number of reasons.