NYC residential real estate: a world of challenges, opportunities

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2017 | Residential Real Estate

We noted in a recent blog post that “we apply proven acumen and knowledge on behalf of diverse clients in a few core areas where our primary interests and on-point advocacy are more effective.”

One of those areas, as alluded to in our January 3 entry, is residential real estate, a realm in which we centrally assist both buyers and sellers across a wide universe of property-related considerations.

Indeed, and as we duly point out on a website page focusing on New York City real estate matters at the Bronx Law Office of Phil Napolitano, “We assist clients with all facets of real estate transactions.”

That comprises a truly broad playing field, given the wide range of challenges and possibilities that feature with the purchase and sale of residential properties across the New York City metropolitan area.

That realm is of course vast, and entails things like the following:

  • First-time home sales and purchases
  • Investment properties
  • Outstanding issues extant from prior conveyances
  • Property-related violations, citations, permit matters, environmental considerations and related concerns
  • Title searches and examination

And those types of things merely scratch the surface, with every residential real estate matter in the Bronx or any other borough or area of the city being unique.

Our firm commands many years of on-point experience that we routinely bring to bear on behalf of diverse clients seeking optimal property outcomes. In addition to advising buyers and sellers, we also provide candid and informed guidance to landlords across the city, as well as to investor clients and additional parties.

Residential real estate transactions in New York City can be flatly complex. Our law firm stands beside clients and works hard on their behalf to simplify things and to better enable them to make informed and profitable decisions.