Guidance For A Successful Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate in New York City is fraught with regulations, competition and legal challenges. Having an attorney on your side can make the difference between concluding with an unsuccessful transaction and securing a lucrative investment property.

When you need real estate counsel from a local attorney, you can turn to the Law Office of Phil Napolitano. Clients in the Bronx and the surrounding boroughs look to attorney Phil Napolitano for advice on all aspects of investing in residential or commercial real estate. Since 1996, his strategic legal guidance has helped thousands of clients achieve their investment goals.

Strategic Advice For The Entire Investment Process

With the numerous issues that could derail a purchase or sale, proactive counsel is crucial to ensure your success. Phil has extensive knowledge of the many municipal, state and federal laws that you will encounter in a residential real estate or commercial transaction. He will ensure that you remain in compliance while helping you explore ways to avoid red tape and speed up the process.

Minimizing Your Tax Penalties

From property taxes to capital gains taxes, you stand to lose a substantial portion of proceeds to the IRS without careful planning. Phil can explore your options to minimize or defer your taxes. If you ever decide to sell your property, he can help you explore options for tax-deferred exchanges to put off your capital gains tax penalties.

Work With A Lawyer To Achieve Your Investment Goals

Investing in real estate can prove a rewarding endeavor if you have a good lawyer to advise you. For the counsel you need before, during and after investing in real estate, reach out to Phil Napolitano. To request your initial consultation, please call his office at 718-414-6175 or send him an email.