When Real Estate Dealings Lead To Disputes

In matters involving real estate and property, disputes can arise easily and become complicated quickly. An experienced attorney who understands the relevant issues can help prevent a dispute from becoming a costly legal battle.

The Law Office of Phil Napolitano is a Bronx real estate law firm representing clients throughout New York in real estate disputes. Our practice includes many commercial and residential real estate matters. We help clients resolve conflicts involving:

  • Boundary line disputes
  • Common driveway issues — easements and blocked access
  • Adverse possession
  • Co-ownership disputes
  • Partition actions

About Our Clients

Many of our clients are adjacent property owners who need to protect their rights and their property interests. We also help find solutions for co-owners who have different ideas on what to do with property under their joint ownership.

Bronx residential real estate attorney Phil Napolitano has more than 25 years of experience representing individuals and businesses in real estate disputes. Our firm is knowledgeable regarding real estate laws and various ways to approach each situation. We seek to develop the most effective way to resolve the dispute. We counsel our clients on the best options and then help them execute the plan that they choose.

We can help you negotiate outcomes that work in the long term.

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