Representing Landlords And Tenants In Transactions And Disputes

Both landlords and tenants have important rights in residential and commercial leases. At the Law Office of Phil Napolitano, we work hard to protect those rights by providing vigorous legal representation to both landlords and tenants. Attorney Phil Napolitano is a respected, experienced Bronx-based lawyer serving clients throughout the New York City metropolitan area.

Taking cases on both sides of landlord/tenant law gives us a comprehensive understanding of the law and the best ways to protect our clients’ rights and arrive at a fair resolution to their disputes. If you are looking to draft a lease or require representation in a dispute about an existing lease, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.

Legal Guidance While Drafting Your Lease

Residential and commercial leases are governed not only by standard contract law but also by specific laws that apply to the landlord/tenant relationship.

We have the experience to draft a lease agreement that accurately reflects your intentions and complies with the law. We can also scrutinize a lease agreement proposed by the other party and advise you as to whether the terms of the proposed lease are in your interests.

Clarifying Your Rights In An Eviction Or Another Type Of Dispute

Eviction — whether it’s instigated by non-payment of rent, violations of the terms of the lease or refusal of the tenant to leave after the lease has expired — is a complex process. Many landlords and tenants are not aware of their rights or the rights of the other party.

It is best not to take any action in a landlord/tenant dispute without legal advice. This applies not only to eviction disputes but also to disputes related to property damage and security deposit issues.

Keep in mind that if you believe your landlord is not living up to the terms of your lease, you should not simply withhold the rent. Consult with a qualified attorney before taking action.

For The Answers And Help That You Need

Issues between landlords and tenants are a source of many legal disputes in the New York City area. Get on the right track in your residential real estate or commercial real estate matter by contacting Law Office of Phil Napolitano today. Call 718-414-6175 or complete our online inquiry form to request a free consultation at your convenience.

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