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If you are a business owner looking to understand your rights to create, sign or enforce commercial leases in the Bronx, other boroughs and across New York, we can help. For tenants concerned about their rights in the leasing process, we will provide answers and guidance. To avoid mistakes in the leasing process, consult with a commercial real estate attorney first.

The Law Office of Phil Napolitano provides trusted commercial leasing assistance. Commercial leases are unlike residential leases. There are many technical provisions that are complex and could cause substantial problems if not handled properly. We know how to prepare effective lease clauses and negotiate the terms that are beneficial for our clients.

Learn About Our Law Firm’s Services

Since 1996, Bronx commercial leasing lawyer Phil Napolitano has provided solid commercial leasing and real estate advice to New York clients. We represent commercial landlords seeking to lease space for retail stores, restaurants and other services, as well as tenants seeking to use space for their new or existing business.

We provide individual attention to every legal matter that relates to commercial leasing, from developing lease terms, to preparation and negotiation. We tailor our services and leases for a diverse clientele in different industries, including large and small property owners, business owners, landlords, tenants, retailers and restaurateurs.

If you are considering a commercial leasing transaction, consult with us before you make any decisions. If you already signed a lease and need help correcting a mistake afterward, we are here to review your issue and determine if the damage can be mitigated.

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To discuss your leasing, purchasing or selling plans with a lawyer during a free initial consultation, call our office at 718-414-6175 or contact us online here.

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