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Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

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April 2017 Archives

Wills an important component of estate plans

Many residents of New York recognize the importance of planning ahead in their lives -- for instance, planning ahead for retirement. However, being prepared for disability or death, which can happen at any time, is often ignored. A couple of tips may help with putting together estate plans, including wills, that meet the needs of those who create them.

DIY wills can be risky

Estate planning is a topic that is often avoided in New York, since talking about the possibility of death is oftentimes uncomfortable. Among those who do realize the importance of putting together wills, they may be tempted to try to draft these legal documents themselves. However, creating a will with an online DIY form can be risky.

Wills offer multiple benefits

It is natural to think about how various assets will ideally be distributed to ministry organizations and loved ones in the future. However, a common misconception is that addressing these matters in wills is necessary only for the super wealthy. In reality, estate planning is an important process for everyone in the state of New York.

The important work of a home inspector

When you are ready to buy a home, it may feel like you have dozens of hoops to jump through to get to closing. Some of the items on the list of settlement fees may be completely foreign to you, and when you see the bottom line, you may skim the list for any optional costs.

Wills can address ongoing care for pets

The focus of traditional estate planning is typically on creating a plan for distributing to loved ones such as children upon one's death. Family pets are often neglected in the process. However, more and more New York pet owners are making provisions in their wills for the ongoing care of their beloved animals.