Residential real estate issues may easily scare buyers away

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2017 | Residential Real Estate

Even if a house in New York appears beautiful on the outside, it may have a couple of problems that may scare potential homebuyers away. The truth is that it does not take much to make a piece of residential real estate unappealing in the eyes of homebuyers. A few home-related tips may help to avoid losing out on potentially good buyers.

First, half-done or faulty repairs are important to address before putting a home on the market. If a home has just been renovated but the upgrades were not done to code, or if the renovator did not have the correct permits, potential buyers may retreat. Even if a homeowner is selling a house as is, ensuring that it does not appear to be falling apart is paramount.

Another seemingly minor problem that can cost home sellers in a major way is dirt and dust. A spotless home is most likely to attract a buyer. Any hint of dirt, ranging from a dusty faux plant or dried flower arrangement to a shower tile that is grimy, can easily scare buyers away. Homebuyers naturally want to purchase homes that look new and shiny.

Selling a home in today’s residential real estate market can often be tricky due to the high demands and expectations of the modern buyer. Unfortunately, if one does not understand how to deal with the aesthetic aspects of a house for sale or the legal aspects of a real estate transaction, it may end up costing a home seller a potentially lucrative deal. An attorney can provide the necessary guidance for navigating even the most complex of real estate transactions in New York.

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