Selling residential real estate can be complicated

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2018 | Residential Real Estate

Selling a house in New York may not seem complicated, but the reality is that many factors need to be considered. After all, a large sum of money is on the line. A few tips may help homeowners to avoid bungling the sale of residential real estate.

First, one of the most important mistakes to avoid during the home-selling process is pricing the home too high. Even if the market is essentially a seller’s market, which means buyers are willing to pay more for homes since inventory is low, setting a reasonable price for the home is critical. Listing the house for too much money will only backfire, causing the homeowner not to receive any offers.

Second, taking quality listing photos is paramount for marketing a home properly. Getting buyers to visit a home for sale is possible only if photos of the house make the home look appealing. For this reason, hiring a photographer who has experience with taking professional home photos might be a smart move. Research shows that homes that are professionally photographed sell faster and also sell for larger amounts of money than houses listed with pictures taken with a smartphone camera, for instance.

Selling residential real estate is among life’s most stressful experiences. However, the process can also be exciting and financially rewarding if the proper steps are taken from a marketing and legal perspective. A qualified real estate attorney in New York can offer homeowners the guidance they need to effectively navigate the legal aspects of real estate transactions in the most personally favorable ways possible.

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