What happens when there is a dispute over a property boundary?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2018 | Boundary Disputes

When there is a dispute over the boundary lines of a specific piece of property, it can lead to serious problems and complications. If you are a New York property owner dealing with a dispute over where your property ends and your neighbor’s property begins, you understand the importance of finding a reasonable solution as soon as possible. 

Boundary disputes are more than just an inconvenience for you as a property owner. When property lines are unclear, you may end up with unwanted fences on your land, structures on your property or even people accessing your property without permission. You will find it beneficial to take steps to protect your property interests and legal rights.

Resolution of boundary disputes

There are various ways to effectively address boundary disputes. Resolving this issue may require certain action, but you do not have to walk through this process alone. Some ways you can settle a battle over property lines include the following: 

  • Having a property survey done or finding the original property survey
  • Filing a quiet title lawsuit, which is asking a judge to rule on the location of the property lines
  • Working toward an agreement on boundary lines through negotiations and discussions

A lawsuit is not always the most appropriate course of action for a person looking to resolve a dispute. Whether legal recourse is appropriate or you believe that litigation is the most beneficial way to protect your interests, you do not have to feel as if you must do everything yourself.

Property owners facing disputes over boundary lines will find it beneficial to seek experienced legal guidance as they navigate this complex area of real estate law. In fact, your legal ally can help you pursue a solution that is cost-effective and suits your needs and objectives.

Issues related to real estate law 

You have the right to seek qualified guidance as you seek a beneficial resolution to disputes and issues related to real estate law. Filing a lawsuit may not be necessary, but you deserve to have a complete explanation of your rights and understanding of how to proceed.

Owning real estate is a significant investment, and you have the right to shield your property interests from encroachment or unlawful use of your property by others. If you need to address the issue of boundaries, land use and other important matters, you would be wise to seek a complete evaluation of your case.