More foreigners showing interest in commercial real estate

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2018 | Commercial Real Estate

Recent research indicates that a growing number of foreign investors are interested in buying non-residential properties in the United States, including in New York. According to a study, about 20 percent of real estate agents who facilitate commercial real estate transactions closed sales with international clients last year. Furthermore, more than a third of them have seen an upswing in the quantity of foreign investors knocking on their doors.

The recently conducted study further indicated that real estate transactions involving international buyers are oftentimes higher price-wise compared with those involving domestic buyers. In 2017, the median transaction involving an international buyer and a piece of commercial property was $625,000. In addition, real estate agents’ foreign clients as a whole found the United States’ commercial property markets to offer great value last year when compared with other markets around the world.

The study additionally noted that foreign investors interested in buying commercial properties usually bring more money to their deals compared with those buying residential properties. In fact, 70 percent of commercial transactions involving foreign buyers ended up closing with cash last year. Meanwhile, only half of the buyers of residential real estate paid cash in their deals.

In light of the increasing demand for commercial real estate properties among foreign buyers, now may be an excellent time for commercial property owners in New York to unload their properties. Of course, not all commercial real estate transactions are straightforward from a legal standpoint, depending on the nature of the property and on the buyer. Fortunately, an attorney can provide sellers with the guidance they need to seal their deals in the most personally favorable manner possible.