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Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Focused on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

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June 2019 Archives

What recent legislation could mean for New York tenants

If you rent property in New York, you understand how difficult it is to find an apartment or place to live that is in your budget and meets the needs of your family. Real estate in the city is pricey, and for years, landlords have had the ability to increase rent at rates that many tenants cannot afford. However, recent legislation could change that. 

Commercial real estate investors tapping into crowdfunding

The sector of non-residential properties remains among the most lucrative and largest asset classes in the United States. In fact, the market for commercial real estate in New York and elsewhere is valued at around $6 trillion. However, just a small group of people were able to access these properties in the past. Nowadays, more people can take advantage of them thanks to crowdfunding.

Alternative lending may help commercial real estate investors

Some banking institutions in New York are not quick to lend money to investors, as they lack confidence in the economy. Alternative lenders are therefore rising up to offer capital to investors who are interested in buying commercial real estate. Up to now, record quantities of capital have been raised for this purpose.