3 signs of a bad real estate agent

On Behalf of | May 1, 2022 | Residential Real Estate

You may have found a real estate agent who’s promised you great things to come. They ran you through every question to ensure you find the best property.

Now it’s been a few weeks and your agent has left you in the dark. They may not be responding or they may be dancing around your questions. This could mean your agent isn’t as great at their job as they advertised.

Knowing what makes a bad real estate agent can save you a whole lot of hassle later down the road. Here’s what you should watch for:

Poor communication

Your real estate agent might be avoiding calls or texts. They might be dodging your questions. Your agent might tell you they are still waiting for that perfect place to hit their radar. This could mean your agent is avoiding their responsibilities and not giving their job (or their responsibility to you) their best efforts.

No ability to guide you

Every time you bid for a property your agent showed you, it gets snatched away by another buyer. Your agent doesn’t seem to know the current state of the market and doesn’t know how to advise you on a bid. In essence, this leaves you to guess how to close the deal — and you have to hope that you don’t end up bidding too much or too little without knowing it.

Lack of professionalism  

Your real estate agent may show up like it’s casual Friday and generally be inappropriate toward you. They may never have their paperwork readily available. Your agent may even bad-mouth other agents or property owners. They may even be cavalier about their fiduciary duties. They may mislead you about your options and rights as you negotiate a deal on a home.

You aren’t always bound to stay with a single agent. Yet, some agents feel they are your “one and only” and resist being fired or try to keep you in a contract when they aren’t upholding their end of the deal. You may need to seek legal help if a real estate agent has become a burden or has misled you.