4 common reasons people fire their real estate agent

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2022 | Residential Real Estate

Buying a home is a tricky process, but it shouldn’t be that way and often is the cause of a bad real estate agent. 

Knowing what makes a poor real estate agent could save you tons of trouble as you find your new home. 

1. Your real estate agent lacks communication skills

Are you having difficulties contacting your real estate agent or never seem to get a straight answer about the places you’re interested in? Then your agent may not be the right person to help you buy a home. Communication is key, not only when working with home-buyers but home-sellers. 

2. Your agent is looking for homes above your investment cap

Some real estate agents look for the best home for their clients. Some agents, however, may look beyond what their clients can afford. These homes can not only be difficult for you to pay for but cause frustration when you find the perfect home outside of what you can afford.

3. Your agent is slow to find homes

Right now, homes are selling by the baker’s dozen and when you are interested in a home, your agent may be too slow to contact the sellers. This can cause you to miss out on affordable and comfortable homes perfect to raise a family in or start laying foundations for the future. 

4. Your agent can’t sell homes

You may find an agent willing to work with you as you sell your home. You realize you may not sell overnight, but if you wait too long then you may need to find a new agent. Your agent may not have the skills to sell a home – which can lead to problems getting the price you’re selling at.

If you think it’s time to find a new real estate agent, then you may need to know your options when leaving your contract. Breaking a contract could cause you to lose money that would go to your new home.