2 times you may require a survey of your real property

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | Property Surveys

The title records for every piece of real property include what industry professionals call a legal description. The legal description for your property describes the plot of land and any improvements transferred through a deed. It is a written explanation of the metes and bounds. Sometimes, there is a plot map or similar visual tool attached for clarification.

The language used in legal descriptions can sometimes be vague or very technical and confusing. Depending on when the property you own or hope to buy first became a separate parcel, you may have a hard time deciphering the legal description on your deed.

Sometimes, you require a surveyor to make sense of the actual boundaries of your property. These professionals can interpret the legal description of your property and perform measurements to establish the boundaries for your property.

When might you need the help of a surveyor?

When you have a boundary dispute

Real estate sales and also home improvement projects can trigger boundary disputes between neighbors. If you and your neighbor have very different ideas of where the boundary line between your properties falls, you may need professional help to resolve the matter. Especially when your legal descriptions are either unclear or contradict each other, professional support may be necessary to place authoritative markers and validate where the boundary actually falls.

When you plan to buy or sell acreage

The size of a parcel in an urban area can affect where you build a home and what maintenance obligations you have. The size of a parcel in a rural area could have a direct impact on the fair market value of the property and the interest that different buyers have in purchasing it.

If you intend to purchase acreage or unimproved land, conducting a survey to validate the boundaries can help make sure you commit to a sound investment. If you plan to sell acreage, buyers will likely feel more confident about offering their best price when there is a recent survey. Recent boundary markers can make them feel confident when visiting the property and planning for the future.

Recognizing when you need professional help can help you resolve real estate disputes that may otherwise be frustrating and expensive.