6 things home inspectors look for

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2023 | Residential Real Estate

As a home buyer, you want to be sure you aren’t making a deal you’ll later regret. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, you may need to invest in a home inspector.

Home inspectors look for issues in a home. Here’s what they may find:

Roof damage

Roof damage can lead to serious damage throughout the entirety of a home. Missing shingles or exposed rafters could lead to bug and rodent infestations and weathering. Most home inspectors don’t go onto a roof to inspect these issues, but they may be able to survey the roof from the ground or with a drone.

Window condition

Another sign that a home may have issues is depending on the condition of the windows. A broken window may indicate that a home was poorly kept and allowed insects inside. Furthermore, the kind of windows and their installation used may create heating and cooling issues. 

Foundation issues

One important matter when inspecting a home is its foundation. The home may have structural issues if windows and doors are tilted or if walls are sagging. Missing bricks or cracks may also indicate issues. 

Water damage 

There might be apparent damage to a property if the yard sags and collects water, for example. Other signs of water damage may be found in the basement. There may be minor leaks and cracks or flooding.

Plumbing issues

Home inspectors shouldn’t overlook the plumbing. A plumbing issue could cause sewage to enter a home. The inspector might notice leaking, cracked pipes or rust, which can indicate current or future problems.

Electrical issues

Electrical issues could cause fires. The inspector should look for exposed wires, which could come from vermin. Another electrical issue could be the result of a homeowner doing their own electrical installations. 

You may need to learn how you can protect your rights during a home inspection and the home-buying process