Do you need to hire a home inspector?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2023 | Residential Real Estate

It’s important that first-time home buyers find a home that they don’t later regret. Many first-time home buyers will try to rush into purchase when they finally find a home that piques their interest. A home buyer may fear that if they don’t buy the home now then they will lose it to someone else. However, this kind of attitude can lead to major buyer’s remorse. 

Many homes, especially older homes, can have hidden issues that drop the value of the home. First-time home buyers may need to hire an inspector. A home inspector can help estimate the true value of a home and inform buyers of the quality and condition of a home. Essentially, an inspector can prevent home buyers from investing in a fixer-upper. Here’s what you should know about home inspectors: 

What do home inspectors look for?

There’s a lot that’s involved when inspecting homes for issues. Homes can be affected by different problems depending on location, weather and age. Here are a few things inspectors look for when evaluating homes:

  • Roof damage: While an inspector may not get on a roof, they may use tools to examine a home’s roof for issues, such as drones. Missing shingles, moss or bad repair jobs could indicate that a home was affected by weathering and infestations. 
  • Water damage: An inspector may notice that a home has suffered water damage if a basement smells muggy or moldy or if there’s discoloration on walls. Uneven or wet surfaces outside could also indicate that a home suffers from water issues.
  • Electrical issues: Many people repair electrical issues in homes without any training, and those repairs may not be safe. Lose or exposed wires could indicate major fire hazards.

If a home inspector reveals issues with a home then it’s up to the buyer to decide the next steps. First-time home buyers who are committed to a home purchase may need to understand their legal rights to help ensure they’re getting the best offer possible.