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Do-it-yourself development of wills can be risky

People in New York may be tempted to try to handle estate planning on their own. This includes creating wills and other estate planning documents without legal assistance. However, engaging in do-it-yourself estate planning by simply downloading and printing out legal forms online carries many risks.

Creating wills a wise move for all adults

Many people in New York put estate planning on the back burner, as they do not view it as an immediate need. However, putting off the creation of wills and trusts is not a wise idea, as death can strike at any time. Here is a look at what estate planning involves and why it is so critical to complete.

Wills, trusts important for single parents to create

Estate planning is critical for all families, including single-parent families. Unfortunately, many of these families in New York and elsewhere fail to create wills or set up trusts. Here are some tips specifically for putting together trusts as part of the estate planning process.

Creating wills, other estate planning docs often misunderstood

Estate planning continues to be a greatly misunderstood process. Many individuals in New York and elsewhere decide to create financial plans but not estate plans for this very reason. Still, developing wills along with other estate planning documents is an important part of planning for the future, too. Here is a glimpse at some estate planning myths and why believing these myths is not a good idea.

Wills are important even for those with small estates

People in New York often believe that estate planning is appropriate only for those who are wealthy. The truth is, though, that creating wills is a wise move even for those who may not have a lot of money in the bank. Here is a glimpse at how to start the estate planning process in New York.

DIY wills increase the likelihood of serious mistakes

People who live in New York are resourceful, and they understand the benefit of trying to cut costs and save money by doing certain things themselves. However, estate planning should not be one of them. People can do pretty much anything online these days, including create wills and drafting papers that can have a significant impact on their future. While it may sound like a good idea, it is not usually a prudent path to take. 

Wills, other estate plan documents important for older singles

Older estate owners in New York who are single and do not have children might not have entertained the idea of creating estate plans over the years. Their focus may have been on moving up the ladder in their careers instead. The reality, though, is that drafting wills and a couple of other estate planning documents is particularly critical for those nearing retirement.

Wills, revocable trusts can offer asset protection

No two individuals are exactly the same with regard to their estate planning goals. Although wills can certainly be helpful estate planning tools for many people in New York, trusts also offer many benefits. Here is a look at why many estate owners are turning to revocable trusts, in particular, to safeguard their assets.

Wills, other documents can address intangible and tangible assets

Although the value of living in the moment is often emphasized, the problem is that many people neglect to think big picture about their lives, including what will happen to their assets when they die. Specifically, what will happen to their intangible assets -- their digital properties? Here are a few tips for addressing these types of properties in addition to using wills to address tangible assets in New York.

Creating wills, other estate plan docs is a smart move in 2019

Some people in New York may be embracing the start of 2019 with New Year's resolutions. These individuals may want to include creating wills and other estate planning documents as part of their resolutions this year. Here is a look at why this is critical in the Big Apple.